Courses and Costs

In this time of social distancing and lock-down I have moved all my classes on-line at the same time as shown below.
This will continue next term until it is safe to meet as a group again.
Class notes will be posted in the password protected area of this site for students.

Stay safe everybody

Gwyn.Weekly Classes:

10 sessions/2 hours per session

Maximum of 12 students per class. Classes are held at Llanover Hall Arts Centre. 

New class times: Tuesday and Thursday morning, 10am – 12pm. Classes start in September.


These regular weekly classes are for all ability levels and are tailored to the needs and talent level of its students. The content has a very heavy emphasis on practical work as this is by far the best way to learn a skill like photography! We regularly take field trips as well as arrange studio sessions so that students can experience a wide variety of styles of photography. I like to set weekly targets and projects to challenge my students and encourage them to think creatively. We also visit exhibitions of other photographers work.

Think you`re too old to learn a new hobby; no way.  Look at this study that was reported in 2013

So it could even do you some good!

To give you an idea of what to expect from the course, in Term 1 we look at camera controls;- get away from using Auto, discover what you can make your camera do, and what all the controls mean.

Composition;- how to produce photographs thay people will want to look at more than once.

Saving and storing your images, including different formats and why they are important.  Basic image manipulation; resizing, levelling and correcting convergence.

Projects and portfolio work can also be set to those who wish to create a physical collection of work.

Themes for such projects include self-portrait, 5 ways with 1 item and a day in my life.

Cost: £120 per term.

Amazing value! This translates to £6 an hour for professional level and tailor made photography tutoring!



  1. Hi I’m a novice and interested in your classes. Do you have any Tuesday am vacancies? (Unfortunately I’m away the last two weeks in September)
    Best wishes


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