My Photographs, Your Wall

Most of the photographs seen on this site are for sale in print form. Contact me using the details on the ‘contact me’ page to request a quote for any of my images. For the most accurate quote include the title of the image, and the size you’d like for the image. Titles can be found by clicking on any of the images.

Most of my images are film rather than digital, as this is my preferred photography medium. In this case the prints are made on the finest fibre-base silver gelatine photographic paper, printed by hand in my own darkroom. This ensures that each print meets my own exacting standards. Due to the nature of the printing process it ensures that each print is unique, as no two prints are identical. Prints are then selenium toned to give archival permanence of 120+ years.

Digital images will be printed on high quality photographic paper to ensure the highest of standards and colour quality.

All images will be packaged and sent by first class post as standard. Recorded delivery can be arranged for an extra fee. Payment can be made to my Paypal, which will be arranged once you’ve requested a quote.


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