Course Reviews

All reviews have been submitted by former students, and are completely independent.

5 Stars Veronica Cottam

“I learned so much from Gwyn when I took his photography course. As a real novice, I came away with a much better understanding of not only how to take a photograph, but what makes a good photograph and that the next ‘better’ photograph is always out there. I would recommend taking one of his classes to anyone, either you have just bought your first camera or if you have been a photographer for years.”

(Submitted via Facebook)

5 StarsRosie Dovey

“I did the City and Guilds at Llanover Arts Centre. I had attended university and was used to studying, but I had never experienced the type of support and encouragement that I received from Gwyn, when I stared the course I liked photography, when I completed my course I loved photography.”

Since completing the course, Rosie became a professional photographer with New I.D Studios, and ‘Rosie Dovey Photography’!

(Submitted via Facebook)

5 Stars Paddy Faulkner

“Gwyn is encouraging, challenging, knowledgeable, and with humour, creates a supportive and creative environment for his students to flourish. He gives his students time whenever they need it, and provides a really good grounding in the subject. I recommend you sign up for it – it was one of the best things I ever did.”

(Submitted via Facebook)

Len Metcalfe

“Gwyn always encourages thought. There are occasions when he demonstrates but this is always done with a view to encouraging constructive thought. His classes are also project based and good fun.”

(Submitted via e-mail)


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